Artificial Grass Sydney

Selecting Synthetic Grasses and Evaluating the Features of Each Type of Product

When browsing our website, you can select numerous types of artificial grasses that have a height of 8 millimeters to 40 millimeters, and we also offer especially durable turf. Generally, each strand features numerous monofilaments that can prevent the synthetic grass from breaking apart. Before you select artificial grasses, you may determine the materials that the synthetic grasses contain, each product’s stitch rate and the gauge of each type of turf.

Evaluating the Gauge and the Stitch Rate

Many of our products feature a gauge of 8 millimeters to 16 millimeters, and some of the lush grasses have a stitch rate of 180 stitches per meter. However, certain materials contain more than 260 stitches for every meter of synthetic grass. Generally, each meter of artificial grass has a price of $16.13 to $33.53.

Eliminating the Effects of Ultraviolet Light

Our company’s synthetic grasses can withstand ultraviolet light, which could reduce the thickness of some synthetic products that other companies offer. We regularly provide artificial grasses for gulf courses and turf that is designed for numerous outdoor fields in Sydney, Australia, and our lush products will not be affected by heavy rains, excessive moisture that could seep through the sand and high-speed winds.

Choosing Accessories

After customers select artificial grasses, the buyers can also choose synthetic tapes, various markers, components that are designed for turf and easy-to-use adhesives. The tape is able to withstand consistent impacts, extreme heat and especially heavy objects.

The Benefits of Artificial Grass

Numerous reports have shown that synthetic grass can reduce the costs of maintenance by more than 83 percent. When an individual is walking on man-made grass, the synthetic product will substantially improve the customer’s grip, and the materials may also eliminate allergic reactions that are caused by various types of plants and compounds that are found in regular grass.

Installing the Products and Evaluating the Warranties

Our business offers detailed guides that help customers to install synthetic grass, and you can easily add the products to surfaces that consist of concrete, wood and numerous types of metal. The materials are also compatible with walls and decks of all sizes. When you purchase artificial grass from our company, we will automatically offer a warranty with a duration of at least seven years.

Answering Questions

If you would like to learn additional information about our products, you can evaluate descriptions of our business, view a list of our synthetic grasses and examine reviews from some of our customers. You may also request numerous free samples, and we will send these samples within 48 hours of each request. If you have any questions, you can complete the contact form that our company has created.