Artificial Grass Melbourne

Benefits of Artificial Grass
A lawn is a wonderful place to relax, but maintaining the appearance can require considerable money and time if you use a natural turf grass. Significantly improved since it was introduced in the 1960s, artificial grass offers a number of impressive benefits.

Environmentally Friendly

Installing an artificial lawn reduces your impact on the environment because it does not require fertilizers and other chemicals that can contaminate ground water. In addition to the cost savings, you conserve scarce resources because artificial grass does not require water. Limiting chemical runoff reduces pollution levels. You also do not have to worry about local watering restrictions.

Ease of Care

Once it is installed, artificial grass requires very little upkeep. There is no need to mow the lawn, pull weeds or trim the edges. You can save on the cost of owning and operating a lawn mower as well as the other products, including expensive weed killers and pesticides, which are usually required to maintain a healthy, green lawn. Because you do not have to maintain it, an artificial lawn saves time, which you can use to enjoy your outdoor living space.

Aesthetically Pleasing

An artificial lawn will always look well kept and maintained. It eliminates the need to incur the expense or endure the inconvenience of periodically replanting or reseeding that would be necessary with a natural turf grass. The lawn will not have unattractive bare or brown spots. Because artificial grass offers excellent drainage, it dries quickly. You do not have to worry about water pooling and collecting for days or the wet earth creating mud puddles. This feature reduces the amount of dirt and mud that is tracked inside your house.

Stands Up to Wear

Artificial grass lasts a long time. You can play sports or engage in a wide variety of other leisure activities without worrying about damaging the grass. This makes synthetic grass ideally suited for high traffic areas where a traditional lawn would suffer. These locations include dog kennels, poolside play areas and outdoor entertainment venues.

Artificial Grass Online sells only the highest quality turf manufactured from top-grade, raw materials by expert Australian companies. Along with its UV stability, our products meet all applicable safety standards and are free from lead, other heavy metals and carcinogenic materials. The products are backed by a seven-year warranty. Give us a call, and see why we are a leading source of artificial grass and other supplies for landscapers, handymen and do-it-yourselfers.