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Australian Made Artificial Grass at Trade Prices

Artificial Grass a Great Choice For Australians

Artificial grass is a cost-effective alternative to planting a traditional lawn, providing the same natural look and feel as real grass without the huge extensive time commitment and cost that is needed to maintain natural grass. Artificial Grass Online is Brisbane’s leading provider of quality, Australian-made turf products.

We ship our high-quality artificial grass straight from the warehouse to your doorstep, passing on the savings to our customers for Aussie-made synthetic grass at trade prices. There are so many ways that artificial grass can be used to increase the appearance and functionality of outdoor areas, from cafes and restaurants to backyard putting greens and even playgrounds.

When it comes to artificial turf, we’re the team to call. Call us today on 0481 882 137 for expert advice on choosing the best type of artificial grass for your needs, or visit our product pages to order your free samples.

Artificial Grass – A Great Choice For Australians

The curb appeal of your home or business is important, making landscaping a top priority. Still, many people find planting, growing, and maintaining green space expensive, especially in climates where water is scarce. Artificial grass is an excellent alternative as it can be used to improve curb appeal without the money and time commitment of natural lawn maintenance. As an innovative solution for modern, low-maintenance landscaping, it’s no wonder that artificial grass lawns are becoming more and more popular among Brisbane residents.

Traditional Lawns vs. Artificial Turf

When it comes to artificial grass, Brisbane residents are increasingly choosing the low-maintenance option of a synthetic lawn over the previously popular traditional lawn. While many people measure landscaping choices based on the initial installation cost, the truth is that a large chunk of the money spent on a natural lawn is on the ongoing maintenance and material costs that can be eliminated through the use of artificial grass.

Yards and gardens need watering, weeding, and mowing to look their best, and someone has to take care of these jobs or at least pay for them to be carried out. If you do your own yard care, it takes significant time. For those who outsource their landscaping, professional services can become a drain on your finances. With artificial grass, Brisbane homeowners get the best of both worlds – the initial cost is comparable to planting traditional lawns, but you are not stuck watering and mowing as artificial grass is close to maintenance-free once installed.

Why Buy Australian Made?

When you’re looking at dozens of product choices, it can be difficult to make a smart selection. What are the differences between each option, and what price points offer the best quality product? With artificial grass, Brisbane manufacturing brings many benefits to Australian buyers.

Many turf products are made in China using inferior materials with little quality control. If you purchase from a bargain-basement supplier, the odds of them being around to provide product support are slim, making their warranties worthless. When using Australian-made artificial grass, our Brisbane manufacturer stands behind their product with an extended warranty and a 75-year history of customer service and product quality.

Cost-Effective Landscaping

Artificial grass is an ideal choice for cost-effective landscaping. Many people write off artificial grass as a more expensive alternative to a traditional lawn. However, when comparing costs, it is important to consider what your lawn will cost you in the years to come. With a synthetic grass lawn, you can have a luscious green lawn that will stay looking fresh and green year round. Conversely, the extensive ongoing maintenance required to keep a natural lawn looking healthy and tidy can be both costly and time consuming.

With Artificial Grass Online, not only will you save money on lawn maintenance, we pass on the savings to our customers to provide artificial grass at a comparable price to natural grasses. As an online company, we ship directly from our warehouse to your door, allowing us to provide high quality synthetic turf at wholesale prices.

Most Popular Uses For Synthetic Grass

There are plenty of options to choose from when shopping for artificial grass. Brisbane buyers most often install this type of landscaping in yards and gardens, but there are many other applications as well. Placing artificial grass around a pool creates a comfortable surface for swimmers to lounge on when they aren’t in the water, an essential for Brisbane’s scorching summers!

One of the most popular uses of artificial grass is for backyard putting greens. Use artificial turf to create a low maintenance putting green in your own backyard or as an attraction at a public venue. Installing a putting green in your backyard will not only help you perfect your game, but it will also help to transform your backyard into something functional that you will actually enjoy using.

Many Brisbane homeowners are choosing to install artificial turf in their outdoor living areas to improve property value by making an inviting outdoor space without having to spend hours on regularly maintaining a natural lawn. The durability of artificial grass, when compared to a traditional lawn, is also appealing, particularly in the warmer Brisbane climate, as there is no need to worry about dry, brown patches or unshaded areas dying out, resulting in an unappealing, patchy lawn.

Artificial grass is also commonly used around playgrounds, schools, event spaces, decks, and recreational or practice fields. AGO also offers a Pet Premium System, the ideal artificial grass solution for pet owners. When it comes to artificial turf, the applications are endless.

Quality Turf at Wholesale Prices

The appearance of your yard or garden is important, and green space makes a big impact. However, you don’t have to spend excessive amounts of time and money to have an impressive lawn. Artificial Grass Online is Brisbane’s leading supplier of quality synthetic grasses manufactured locally in a Brisbane facility.

Whether you’re looking to improve the curb appeal of your home or create a backyard putting green, Artificial Grass Online has the ideal synthetic grass for your requirements. But you don’t have to take our word for it; click here to order some free product samples. If you want durable, Aussie-made artificial grass at a competitive price, choose AGO. For more information, give us a call today on 0481 882 137 and speak directly to Glen, our turf specialist.


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