Artificial Grass is a popular choice for property owners to keep their grass lawns look healthy, tidy and manicured more often than would be possible with natural grass. Years of development has made synthetic turf very similar to real grass. Artificial turf has been manufactured to be UV ray resistant and tolerant to wear, tear and abrasion.

What is it made from?

It is made from a combination of polyethylene, polypropylene and nylon. The method used to create carpets is also the same one used to make fake grass. Polyethylene is used to make the blades by melting it down and mixing it with colours and other special agents such as UV resistant supplements. While polypropylene is used to make the support layer. 

  • Polyethylene – is a long-lasting material that is gentle on the skin.
  • Polypropylene – is also long-lasting but more resilient material.
  • Nylon – is a strong material with a high burn tolerance

Pros and Cons of Artificial Grass


  • Artificial grass is very low maintenance compared to natural grass. 

While it will still need some maintenance, it won’t be as often or as time-consuming as it would with natural turf. 

  • It will save you money. 

Fake grass will end up saving you money in many ways, including your water bill and maintenance money. 

No need to worry about bugs or allergies or pests, without real grass this is less of a worry. Not to mention, no more muddy foot or paw prints tracking through your house. At Artificial Grass Online, we even have a Pet Premium System.

  • It will last a long time. 

At AGO we have warranties of up to 15 years on our grass. 

Synthetic turf is so versatile in many spaces but is especially great in small spaces. 

  • It just looks great!


  • Can be expensive upfront.

Artificial turf can be a big spend at first, the cost of the grass per square foot, as well as accessories, landscaping, and infill. It’s not a cheap renovation option. However, it will end up paying for itself. 

  • It still needs to be cleaned. 

Not often, but it will need a clean somewhat regularly. This can usually be done with a hose and then take a sweep over it gently to get the grass looking its usual self again. 

  • It will need to be replaced eventually. 

Yes, but artificial grass is a long-lasting system, that will pay for itself.

Our Promise

At AGO, we know the importance of high-quality artificial grass. That’s why all our grass products are Made in Australia and made for Australian conditions. We even have created a more eco-friendly alternative artificial lawn. 

Our grass has a long life expectancy and has been made with harsh Australian conditions in mind. That’s why we have Fire Rated Grasses and our special HeatBlock to protect your grass from the sun.


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