So you’re looking to install artificial grass into your backyard, but you’re concerned if it’s a good idea with your dog?

Fake grass is great because of its low cost and low maintenance benefits. However, we understand dog owners still have some questions. Is it safe for my pet? Do I need to clean it? What about the smell? Will my dog dig through it?

Not to worry, we have the answer to all of the questions and more.

Pros and Cons


If you’ve gotten this far into looking at synthetic grass, you will already know all of the benefits of this product. Including water conservation and minimal yard maintenance. However, you may not know whether it will work with a dog.

Dogs laying on artificial grass.
Dogs laying on artificial grass.

No mud, clean dog

No mud in your backyard means a cleaner dog. With artificial grass, you won’t be needing to hose your dog off. No need to worry about your furry friend playing in the mud when you’re not home.

No ticks and fleas

Artificial grass can deter ticks and fleas, keeping your pets safe and itch-free.

No fertilisers and pesticides

Because you don’t need to use fertilisers and pesticides for your grass, you don’t need to worry if it’s bad for your dog. Less maintenance = happy, healthy dog

Synthetic lawns are tough and durable

This means no digging, no holes, and less mess. Unlike your natural grass, your dog won’t dig it up and ruin your beautiful green lawn.


Of course, while synthetic turf is great is cannot be perfect.

Dogs on grass.
Dogs on grass. Photo taken by Sebastian Coman Travel.

Extra upfront costs

Of course, you won’t the best yard you can for you, your home and your furry friends too. This may come at an extra cost for extra or specialised infill and cleaning products to keep your artificial turf smelling and looking fresh.

Toxic grass

If you risk buying Chinese made, you may not be buying a quality product. The grass could be made with toxic products, including lead, which can be harmful to your pets, or even you.


Hand holding hose, hosing lawn.
Hand holding hose, hosing lawn. Photo taken by Karolina Grabowska.

One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is about how to clean fake grass when you have pets. Obviously, they have solid waste, which won’t decompose into your artificial turf the same way it does into real grass. You also will want to avoid your green lawns smelling of dog urine.

Cleaning synthetic grass is easy enough. All you need to do is remove any solid waste, the same way you would on a walk, and give the lawn a regular hose over to get rid of any mess you may have missed, either solid or liquid.

Of course, you will have seen all the types of infill you can choose from for artificial grass. But it’s best to make sure you have the right kind for extra cleaning and preventing any smells that come with having a pet.

And an extra tip for perfect grass lawns. After hosing your grass clean after allowing it time to dry, you can sweep your artificial turf back up to give it a look of real grass again.

Best Pet-Friendly Products

So now you know how great artificial grass is for your dogs, you might want to know which products you should buy, right? 

Here are our favourites: 

Pet Premium artificial grass

Pet Premium Artificial Grass
Pet Premium Grass

The Pet Premium artificial grass is made in Australia from Australian made yarn and includes Artificial Grass Online’s exclusive COOLplus technology which reduces surface temperature by up to 20%. The backing has double perforations for superior drainage and high-density tufting for easy waste collection. This product is also hypo-allergenic, preventing fleas and ticks, and is tough and durable, coming with a 12-year warranty.

Pet Premium infill

Artificial Grass Online’s Pet Premium Infill consists of naturally occurring minerals, known as zeolites, which help to absorb animal urine. This helps prevent the release of ammonia gas and helps to significantly reduce foul odours. This infill will fall safely and inconspicuously to the base of the surface, and won’t cause any harm to pets or people.

P-Off Cleaner

The P-Off enzymatic cleaner is a high-performance synthetic turf cleaner. It is the perfect accompaniment to the Pet Premium Infill, as it helps to combat the occasional bad odours while also removing stains. P-Off is non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


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