So you want to get an artificial lawn installed in your backyard but you’re not sure which grass products will be best for your yard? Not to worry, we have you covered. No matter what your needs are, we have the right quality products for you.

At AGO, we understand that choosing to install synthetic grass can be stressful when you’re not sure what is best for you. So we made a comprehensive list of our favourites from our product range to give you peace of mind.

We’ve got grass for everyone, including:

  • The Sports Family and High Traffic Corporate Areas
  • For the Manicured Lawn
  • For the Harsh Environments
  • The Eco-Warrior
  • Pet Owners
  • For the Kids
  • The Golf Pro and
  • The Cricket Pro

The Camel – For the Sports Family and High Traffic Corporate Areas

If you have young kids who love to play in the backyard or high traffic front yard, this is the grass for you. The Camel is all about high strength, high texture and is made for heavy traffic while still maintaining a soft and attractive look and feel.

The Camel is made in Australia and has a 15 Year Warranty. It has a pile height of 50mm heat shrunk to 35mm and has a multi-tone green and mega soft fibre. The Camel is also fire-rated and includes HeatBlock to keep the heat out.


The Brumby

If The Camel isn’t in your price range have a look at The Brumby. It is great for heavy traffic areas and is made in Australia. It is extremely durable and looks and feels like real grass. The Brumby is a quad tone green with mega soft fibres and has a seven-year warranty.



Kangaroo Turf – For the Manicured Lawn


The Kangaroo Turf is great for the perfectly manicured front yard or the house in the affluent neighbourhood. This synthetic turf is made in Australia and has a 15-year warranty. It has a 40mm pile height and is a single tone green with mega soft fibres. The Kangaroo Turf includes HeatBlock to protect it from the sun and is fire-rated.




The Dingo – For the Harsh Environments

The Dingo is a great fake grass choice in areas where natural grass isn’t growing as well as you want. It’s a short turf but has a soft and delicate feeling and is made to last year after year in the harshest of Australian environments.

The Dingo is made in Australia and comes with a seven-year warranty. It has a pile height of 25mm with a dual-tone green and is still a soft artificial turf.



The Wallaby – For the Eco-Warrior

Wallaby artificial grass

The Wallaby is made from sugar cane instead of plastic. Sugar cane captures carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and then is crushed mechanically and the extracted bi-product is fermented to create The Wallaby.

The wallaby is made from recycled components in Australia and has a 15 Year Warranty. It has a pile height of 40mm and has a three-tone green, lush fibre. The Wallaby is also fire-rated and includes HeatBlock to keep the heat out. 


Pet Premium – For the Pet Owners

The Pet Premium is the highly recommended artificial grass for dogs and other pets. It includes double perforations in the backing for superior drainage and high-density tufting for ease of collecting pet waste. It is also safe and hypo-allergenic to prevent fleas and ticks.

The Pet Premium is Australia Made with a 12-year warranty, it has a 30mm pile height and has a four-tone green and tan colouring. It includes the HeatBlock technology to protect it from sun damage. The Pet Premium is best used with the Pet Premium System, which includes the Pet Premium Infill and P-Off Cleaner.


Cockatoo Turf – For the Kids Play Area

Cockatoo Grass

The Cockatoo Turf is the toughest of tough turf. The Cockatoo is a short pile, high-density turf, which is available in a range of fun colours. This turf is perfect for schools, child care centres, and gyms. The Cockatoo Turf has a 23mm pile height and a five-year warranty. It is also fire rated for indoor use. 




Golf Elite Premium Grass – For the Golf Pro

Golf Elite Premium artificial grass

This is our top of the line premium putting turf for the ultimate golfer wanting the ultimate backyard toy – a putting green. Designed for long-distance chipping and replicates the capabilities of a natural turf green at the highest level. The Golf Elite is the peak of golf green technology.

The Australian Made, Golf Elite Premium Grass has a 22mm pile height, heat shrunk to 15mm, and has an eight-year warranty. It is a single tone green colour and has a super soft fibres.


Backyard Pro Golf

Looking for a more affordable alternative to the Golf Elite Premium Grass? This is a great pick for small to mid-sized backyard golf putting green. This single tone green grass has a 16mm pile height, a seven-year warranty, and is made in Australia. 




Cricket Turf – For the Cricket Pro

This single tone gumtree green is perfect for a backyard cricket pitch. It has a 9.5mm pile height, a five-year warranty, and is made in Australia. Its fibres are super soft and it includes HeatBlock for sun protection.



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