One of the most popular uses of artificial grass is for backyard putting greens. As good as installing a putting green into your backyard may seem, there’s a little more to it you need to know.

Benefits of an Artificial Putting Green


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Maintenance of synthetic turf compared to real grass is more affordable and time friendly. This is even more so with a synthetic putting green. Real grass putting greens are a massive undertaking if you’re not used to it. Golf courses need to be mowed and aerated more frequently, this is not an issue with synthetic grass.

Better your Golf Game

Having a golfing green in your backyard may be the difference between first and last on your next golf day. You’ll be grateful for the hours of practice you’ll have access to with a mini green in your backyard. As they say, practice makes perfect

Despite its name, a backyard putting green can be used to practice chipping too. In fact, the famous Tiger Woods practised his skills on his own personal backyard golf green before his latest comeback. 

Artificial turf is so close to the real thing, it will create and mimic very similar challenges to overcome as if you were on a real golf course. For example, keeping real grass or using a synthetic lawn around the putting green can create a fringe grass effect that will be useful for game practice. 

Optimise your Backyard

Cost of a putting green.

If your yard isn’t being used as much as it could, your own golf green may be exactly what you need to get outside. Depending on the design you create it is a great way to spend time with your kids, friends or family. Use your space to create a small putt-putt game or a place to play outdoor games, such as Bocce, or barbeque nights. 


A small putting green may be a good way to fill a small or awkward space to get the best use out of your yard. Or perhaps a spot in your yard that has trouble growing real grass but don’t want to install synthetic grass in your whole yard. A golf green can be a great alternative.

DIY Golf Grass

When thinking about cost and what kind of grass is best for your yard Artificial Grass Online has a number of options.

9mm Mini Golf

The 9mm Mini Golf grass starts at $25.74/sq.m and is a premium putting turf, it doesn’t need sand infill and should be glued to a solid surface for the best performance.

Golf Elite Premium

The Golf Elite Premium starts at $43.13/sq.m and is our top of the line premium putting turf. Designed for long-distance chipping, it replicates the capabilities of a natural turf green brilliantly. Straight putting in all directions, short and long chip holding capacity at the highest level. This is the peak of golf green technology.

How to build a putting green.

Backyard Pro Golf

The Backyard Pro Golf starts at $35.13/sq.m and is the perfect turf for small to mid-sized backyard putting greens. It is capable of short chipping with impeccable, non-directional putting characteristics.


At Artificial Grass Online we have all the accessories you could need for artificial grass or putting green install. However, our favourite golf accessories include our Golf Practice Marker and Plastic Golf Cup.


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