If you are laying artificial grass in your own backyard or business you may be a little confused about how to join the artificial grass together. This can be done one of two ways, with either joining tape or adhesive.

How to use joining tape

Roll your tape out along your join between the two turf pieces and cut to the required length. The tape should be central between the two pieces of turf. Nail each end of the tap to the ground in order to keep it in place.

Peel off the backing to expose the adhesive on the tape and allow it to sit in the sun for 10-15 mins. This will allow the adhesive to become tacky enough to stick your two pieces of the turf down. Apply pressure onto the section of grass to ensure adhesion. Remove the nails holding the tape down.

How to use adhesive

The adhesive is best used on concrete, however, the concrete needs to be prepared before the synthetic grass or adhesive glue can go down. Remove any stains, gum, grease and oil to prevent the adhesive from delaminating.

Spread the glue evenly over the area, spreading the glue too thick will allow the glue to come up through the seam and/or drainage holes. This will also need to happen in a timely manner. If the glue starts to dry before you can place the seam together it can cause future delamination and seam ruptures.

The temperature may also affect the stickiness of the adhesive glue and is best to glue down the artificial turf at a cooler time of the day to prevent the glue from melting and causing problems.


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