Artificial grass can be used in many spaces, big backyards, small backyards, commercial and residential spaces. However, it can be and has been used in many weird and wacky places. One less unusual place that is great for artificial grass is on our balcony, terrace and patio or any other outdoor living area.


The question is why would you want an artificial lawn in your outdoor space if you don’t have a backyard? There are many benefits to designing this area with synthetic grass.

The major benefit is in the question, without a garden you miss the benefit of having a backyard. When you lay synthetic turf on your balcony floor you’re creating what feels like your own mini backyard. With an artificial lawn, your outdoor living spaces can become more lively, natural and inviting.

Other benefits include: 

It absorbs temperature changes and heat really well. Synthetic grass can act as a great insulator and can help keep your outdoor space and the area adjoining to it.

How to install

Installing artificial grass onto an outdoor space is likely to be easier than installing it into your yard. However, you may be working with unfamiliar surfaces, such as natural stone, a flat roof, or a cement ground floor. The main difference to installing the grass onto a balcony, terrace, or patio rather than your backyard is there is no need to install a base or fill material.

Just know, it is doable and an artificial lawn can go onto all of these surfaces. In fact, synthetic grasses can be installed onto most floor materials. However, if installing onto wood make sure there are sufficient gaps otherwise the wood may rot.

When installing make sure the surface ground is level. If the surface is not level, add a foam underlay, this will help prevent any unevenness with the grass on your balcony. The final thing to consider is water drainage. If you have poor water drainage you may have pooling when it rains, which can create issues for the synthetic turf.

Using joining tape where possible and as little glue as possible secure the grass in place around the perimeter of the area. This leaves gaps in the beading for drainage. Too much glue can also stop water from draining under the grass.

It is also a good idea to fasten the artificial turf around any entrance points to avoid any trip hazards. The process of laying the grass shouldn’t take more than a few hours, depending on the size of the area and the product will last a long time.

Outdoor Area Decor Ideas

It’s easy to work with your newly installed artificial grass and optimise the area attached to the house. If you have a large area, you may consider only laying grass on part of the space, to avoid an overwhelming amount of green. The space can easily be used for dining or recreation or just a quiet place to enjoy downtime.

Ways to optimise your outdoor space include:

  • Adding a small table
  • Built-in seating
  • A garden wall or pot plants
  • Floor pillows
  • Feature lighting
  • Hang a chair or hammock
  • Folding furniture
  • A sun couch
  • Create some shade

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