WHY should I buy Australian made?

Consider the following:


No one knows the true length the product will last. China is relatively new into market so they have little experience and track record.

Artificial Grass Online (AGO)  – works with local manufacturers with over 75  years combined experience in the industry.



No guarantee that the product is non-carcinogenic or lead and heavy metal free. Recent news articles have brought the dangers to the fore. Products from outside Australia in particular from China are not subjected to the same stringent safety standards during the manufacturing stage.

AGO – Ensures local manufacturer’s use only the highest quality of raw materials in their products and ensure that they meet all of Australia’s safety standards and ensuring that they are all lead and heavy metal free with no carcinogenic materials.



Backing is not made of the highest quality, normally a polyurethane backing with additives that are added to make up the weight. Cutting is an issue as fraying happens. Over 2-3 year period backing breaks down and product falls apart, some products have been known to fail in a couple of months.

AGO  – Ensures only the highest quality backing be made available, with pure latex backing with no additives ensuring that the product does not break down and enabling the product to be cut in any direction without fear of fraying or breaking apart.




UV stability is not guaranteed and after 1-2 years of Australian sun exposure the products tends to fade badly and streaking can also occur.

AGO  – Use only Australian company’s that have knowledge and understanding of the harsh UV exposure within Australia therefore we are able to offer products that have the UV stability to withstand the harsh Australian climate.



Warranty not usually held within Australia – and in many cases after 2-3 years company generally closes down or is re-registered and therefore there is no accountability for failure of product.

AGO  – All of our products come with a minimum 7 year manufacturers and UV warranty.

Australian Made

Some Australian companies are importing product direct from China while claiming that they are manufactured in Australia.

AGO – is a wholly Australian OWNED and uses only Australian manufactured products.




So How do I know what I’m buying?  Here’s a guide to the differences



Comes I roll width’s 3.7m


Warranty covers everything


Oldest turf manufacturer approx 40 years old


Guarantees lead free and made to AU standards


PROVEN that turf will last min 15 years



Comes in roll widths of 2 or 4m


Some warranties only cover the backing – check 1st!


There are NO standards in China for this industry


Have no proof of life expectancy whatsoever


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