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Australian Made Artificial Grass at Trade Prices

Artificial Grass Online provides quality, Aussie-made artificial grass Gold Coast and Australia-wide at trade prices. If you’re looking for low maintenance and cost-effective lawn solution, look no further than AGO.

All of our products are made by well-established Australian manufacturers to ensure quality and are backed by extended warranties to give you peace of mind. We ship directly from our warehouse to your door, passing on the savings to provide high-quality synthetic grass at wholesale prices.

Whether you’re looking for a durable lawn alternative specifically designed for the Aussie climate, or you want to give your commercial space a fresh and bright facelift, our artificial grass is the number one choice. Visit our product pages today to order your free samples, or call us on 0481 882 137 for expert advice.

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

One of the many benefits of choosing artificial grass over natural grass is that it requires far less maintenance to maintain a lush green lawn. A natural grass lawn requires a lot of maintenance to keep it looking fresh and manicured, including mowing, edging, weeding, and watering. This means you will need to be out and tending to your lawn for hours each month or pay someone else to do it for you.

Conversely, artificial grass needs minimal maintenance to maintain its appearance. You will be free to spend your weekends with friends and loved ones with the knowledge that your lawn will stay neat and green.

As our durable artificial grass does not need shade, sun, or water to maintain its appearance, it is a great option to create some relaxing green space where conditions are unsuitable for a natural lawn to thrive, whether it be in an area that receives no direct sunlight, or a space that has no shade where real grass would quickly dry out.

Though the upfront cost of artificial grass may be slightly higher than planting a real grass lawn, when you take into account the maintenance costs of each type of lawn, synthetic grass becomes a more cost-effective option. And, when you purchase your artificial grass from AGO, you will benefit from the additional savings that we pass on to our customers, making artificial grass more affordable than ever.

Another benefit of having an artificial grass lawn is that it has excellent drainage. This means that your lawn will be dry and ready for use soon after rainfall, unlike natural lawns where water can pool after it rains, creating soggy, muddy patches that can cause mud to be tracked inside the home long after the rain has fallen.

If artificial grass sounds like the cost-effective, low-maintenance, no-mess solution you’ve been looking for, give us a call today on 0481 882 137.

Quality, Aussie Made Synthetic Grass

Our artificial grass is made by established Australian manufacturers in Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney. Unlike many companies who claim to sell Australian made turf yet use low-quality imported products, our manufacturers make durable synthetic grass with strict quality testing to ensure you are getting the best value for your money.

Additionally, you can count on our manufacturers to uphold their warranties and provide product support when you need it, as opposed to pop-up importing companies that will shut up shop long before any customers can make a claim against their product warranties.

Another benefit of buying Aussie-made turf is that it has been specifically designed for the harsh Australian climate, an essential feature if you want a lawn that can withstand the sub-tropical climate of the Gold Coast. Our artificial grass has UV protection and HeatBlock technology to withstand the scorching Australian sun, unlike lower quality artificial grass that can become thin and sparse looking as a result of heat damage. Our products are also hardy enough to withstand high-speed winds and heavy rainfall without damaging the look of your lawn.

Our quality synthetic grass is made with many different shades of green to create a rich, organic colour, giving you the natural lawn look without the extra maintenance required. The grass fibres are woven into a mat-like backing for simple installation, ensuring your new lawn looks tidy and seamless.

Why Choose AGO?

AGO is the number one choice for quality artificial grass in Australia. We provide durable, Australian made synthetic grass at trade prices, shipped directly from our warehouse to your door. Each purchase comes with an easy-to-follow installation guide to ensure that you will get the best result from your artificial turf.

We are so confident in the quality of our products that all of our artificial turf products come with a minimum of a 7-year warranty and are backed by our national price guarantee. We also offer free product samples, shipped within 48 hours of when the order is placed.

All of our artificial grasses are also 100% lead-free and child and pet friendly.

Environmentally Friendly

Installing an artificial grass lawn is actually an environmentally conscious choice. As there will be no need for weekly mowing and maintenance using other power tools, you will eliminate the pollution and carbon emissions that is generated through the maintenance of a natural lawn.

Additionally, natural lawns use fertilizer and weedkilling chemicals to stay looking green and tidy, which can contaminate groundwater. However, with a synthetic lawn, there is no need to introduce such chemicals.

Artificial Grass Online even offers a high-quality synthetic grass made from 60% sugarcane, a renewable material, for artificial grass that can be recycled after its long life.

Affordable Artificial Grass Gold Coast

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and low-maintenance way to improve the look and functionality of your space, whether it be a public beer garden or a backyard pool area, Artificial Grass Online has the solution for you.

With high-quality, Aussie-made synthetic grass at trade prices, AGO is the number one choice for artificial grass Gold Coast and Australia-wide. Order your free turf samples today or give us a call on 0481 882 137 to speak directly with our expert Glen.


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