Artificial Grass Canberra

Long lasting, hard wearing, low maintenance, and more aesthetically pleasing to the eye.  Artificial grass is fast becoming the preferred choice of lawn for many home owners.

If you are worried about maintenance, you don’t need to. If laid properly there is very little to do, the occasional clearing of fallen leaves or the removal of any solid doggy doos just about covers it.

We even show you how to install your own artificial grass with an easy step by step guide.

Artificial grass will encourage better drainage, so shortly after a heavy downpour you can be outside again without any muddy residues or grass clippings being dragged back in the house.

Typically the  artificial grass fibres are about  40mm  long, the grass is made from a blend of polyethylene-polypropylene, which is then woven into a mat-like backing (much like that of a carpet).  The pile is multiple shades of green, giving the lawn additional texture, just as you would find in any natural lawn.  Then depending on the grass you choose fibres can then be filled with a sand and/or rubber combination so that even when you step onto it, it even feels like the real thing.

To find out more about how the latest revolution in artificial grass can create a fabulous lawn for you take a look at our artificial grass products which all come with long warranties and backed by our national price guarantee, and of course all Artificial Grass Online’s high quality grasses are 100% lead free, they are all made right here in Australia, and come with long warranties to give total peace of mind.