Artificial Grass Adelaide

Artificial Grass Online is proud to be supplying the nation with quality artificial turf. Artificial Grass Online’s products are exclusively made in Australia and have been designed and tested with our own unique climate and conditions in mind.

Our manufacturers span the east coast with locations in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

As the market for synthetic grass grows, so do the options. Some products are imported, some claim to be Australian made but in reality are manufactured in Australia with imported materials.  Be careful what you buy – and ask many questions.

Artificial Grass Online has a wide range of exclusive synthetic grass products.  Since our products have been specifically made with our harsh climate in mind, Artificial Grass Online artificial grass offers more UV protection.  It introduces rich organic colour carefully created to blend into Australian gardens and landscapes, and is backed by a long manufacturer’s warranty of up to 8 years.

Artificial Grass Online is proud to be Australian and supports Australian business.